Li Grand Zombi

Branding, Print

We wanted to let our clients know just how much they mean to us with a special gift to ring in 2013, Year of the Snake. The sacred serpent spirit of worship among voodooists, Li Grand Zombi is considered not a menace, but a loa of peace – with purity and optimism emanating from its presence. Recognized as the keeper of intuitive knowledge, the snake knows that which can not be spoken. With that in mind, we offered up this elixir (read: dark rum) to our clients as a symbol of the peace, happiness and wisdom we wished them in the coming year. Each packaging detail was carefully considered then meticulously assembled by hand – from the hand-carved, evocative logotype to the tiniest decorative skull.

  • Research & Strategy
  • Naming
  • Branding & Identity
  • Typography
  • Copywriting
  • Packaging